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Compassion for Asia (CFA) was started by Sudip Khadka and began with a local Non Government Organization (NGO) in 1999 in Nepal. From humble beginnings it has now grown to a Christian Humanitarian work that feed over 106 children and elderly every day and gives free, practical education to the poor. We want to give people a chance in life.

We are an independent ministry who work with different denominations with our main goal to share the love of God to the people we meet.

This video will give you a short presentation of Compassion for Asia's (CFA) work in Asia. CFA is based in Kathmanu, Nepal and runs children homes, a Bible college, an elderly home, church planting ministries, a humanitarian non government organazation (NGO) and much more. (All rights reserved © Fabelfilm)

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Four people recieve Baptism !

Recently we had four people receive water baptism in one of our local church in futung. We have 8

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Rebecca went to be with Lord!

In March we lost our dear friend. One of our local church pastors, Yakub, lost his wife Rebecca.

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Mahima Children home construction continues! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 30 May 2016 11:00

We are still working on reconstruction of buildings. Our priority is to see our largest Children Home (Mahima) rebuilt. Asish was finished a few months ago. Remember that until last year September we could not reconstruct because of aftershocks of the earthquake. Nepal declared their constitution after many years of arguments and riots also in late September. India did not like it. Immediately India closed their borders to Nepal. India wanted to see the king restored and Hinduism thrive. It was nothing else than control. The result was no fuel, medicine and building supplies. Because Nepal is landlocked, and has the Himalayas in the North boarder with China, it is very dependent on the open boarder to India. Only two months ago the boarder was opened and we are able to see some progress of the work. Situation has eased a bit, but still we are cooking on firewood and many things are hard to get. And of course since the demand is high and the supplies are low, prices are much higher than normal.
Nepal has never been an easy country to work in, but this last year the country has been completely paralyzed. At least we are able to get limited supplies of gas and building material. (PTL!!!) The lines for gas can be a mile long and sometimes we sit for hours just for a couple of gallons.


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Sudip Khadka is the founder and president of Compassion for Asia. In 1989 he dedicated his life to full time service for the Lord. Sudip holds Master’s degrees in political science and in theology. Anne Lise, from Norway, and Sudip got married in 2005. They met each other in Pensacola, FL while they were students at BRSM. Presently they live in Asia with their two children.

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