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Monday, 14 August 2017 13:18

Months of June, July and August are monsoon season. Flooding and landslides are common.  Nepal has the tallest mountains in the world. When it rains a lot, the water rushes from north Nepal to South Nepal. The high mountains are in the North. The south is full of plain fields used for agriculture. 60% of Nepal’s population is in South. When the rainfalls, most rivers double or triple their size on their way from Mountains through the hills toward south and wash away nearby homes and fields. In the last few days, there has been extreme rainfall, which has caused significant damage.
According to the government news channel, 74 people  are killed in floods and landslides in last few days.  Many are missing and hundreds thousands homes have been flooded. Out of 75, 21 districts have been hit hard by the flash floods and landslides. Three domestic airports are shut down and schools and educational intuitions are closed.



Some of our native missionaries and churches are located in South Nepal. Bhim from Sunsari in South East Nepal,  Suklal from mid-South Nepal, Ram Prasad from Manohari, Midwest South and Biren from Kailali Far West South. We are trying to reach them but phone lines are down. Some of the bridges connecting the highway to East and West have been washed away. Many places landslides have piled rock and mud on the road and blocked access. Some parts of the roads are washed away or closed. Hundreds of families have been displaced after the floodwater gushed into most parts of Tarai region.
Since flood has risen, people have no way to bury their dead. Government has warned people to stay away from the effected areas. The government has mobilized the Nepal police and the army.
We are currently looking into ways to help the people affected by the flood. Your donation and prayers are appreciated as we have people ready in Nepal to support the people in the affected areas. We are currently looking to support the government relief efforts by support, supplies and man power if needed. We are also looking on ways to help in the next couple of months, when the effects of the flooding will hit the whole country with the lack of food supply. Please pray for provision and wisdom.  
1.    Pray for the rain will slow down and stop.
2.    Pray for the Nepali government as they try to deal with this situation and help people.
3.    Be praying for people who lost their loved ones, homes, churches and the believers that the Lord will protect them
4.    We are trying to send our leadership from Kathmandu to South Nepal with food, emergency relief supplies and medicine. Please pray for their effort and their safety.   
5.    Pray that the Lord will provide for us to make a difference in those areas and to be able to share the gospel in the midst of suffering.

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